>>Photos:Exhibition&Ceramic Pottery Workshop No.2

An outcome resulting from a conceptual process will interact in the relationship with which it connects, and continues to spread toward an infinite number of possibility.
My position is that there is a need for thinking about an appropriate way of being, as compared to something that keeps longing for change and which makes an unstable movement.
Recognizing certain ways of being brought forth at a meeting point from individuals connected in an organic way and using a positive method, we are seeking for a better approach in communicative quality.

・Focus on material mixing and firing that realizes change for faster pottery making
・Exhibiting works and constructing new space art forms

Direction:濵嶋卓也/Takuya Hamajima
Technique of firing :自心窯/Jishingama
Supported by:亀井佑二/Yuji Kamei、水野遼太郎/Ryotaro Mizuno、吉田恵/Megumi Yoshida